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Punch Bracelets Discount

Photo © Punch Bracelets

Special shout out to Leanne and Chrissy of Punch Bracelets.  They have offered my friends and I a discount for the next week on their super adorable punch bracelets.  I know you ladies remember these as a kid, but now, the new and improved have chains incorporated in them.

Order yours today with code: " Ashley0419 " at their Etsy Store.  They offer gold or silver chain and they come in a full rainbow of colors.  They also do custom orders, so if there is something you want but don't see, just ask!!

Shop Punch Bracelets Etsy Store.
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Make-up Tutorial

Makeup from the Dreamwater follow-up post.

    Too Faced Beauty Balm - Vanilla Glow

    MAC Concealer - NW20
    Benefit - Boi-ing Concealer 02

    Temptu S/B Foundation - Shade 3

    MAC Eyeshadow - Shroom
    Plā Beauty - Super Wear Eyebrow Definer - Light Taupe
    Lime Crime China Doll Palette : Parasol, Jade-o-lade, Lotus Noir

    Plā Beauty - Onyx

    Merle Norman - Ultra Powder Foundation - Ultra Cameo

    Benefit - High Beam
    Plā Beauty - Blush - Pink-a-Boo
    Smashbox - Soft Lights - Smashing Hightlight

    Plā Beauty - Lash Primer
    Plā Beauty - Black Mascara

    Rimmel - East End Snob

    Lime Crime Lipstick - Airborne Unicorn
    Plā Beauty Lipstick - Kinky Girl

    MAC Brush 217

Make-up Tutorial

    Lime Crime - Eyeshadow Helper

    MAC - Select Cover-up - NW20
    Benefit - Boi-ing Concealer 02

    Mary Kay - Medium Coverage Foundation

    Mary Kay - Honey Spice
    Lime Crime China Doll Palette : Parasol, Jade-o-lade, Lotus Noir, Goldfish

    DUO Adhesive - Dark
    Ardell - Wispie Lashes

    NYC Brow Blender & Liner - Blonde

    Revlon Colorstay - Liquid Liner - Black
    Mac Eye Kohl Pencil - Smolder

    Colorescience - Mineral Powder Foundation

    Benefit - High Beam
    Lime Crime China Doll Palette : Fly Dragon Fly

    Benefit - Bad Gal

    Rimmel - East End Snob

    Lime Crime Lip Gloss - Cherry on Top


Lime Crime Review - Part III - Lipstick

The lipsticks were what I was most excited about trying from Lime Crime.  As you can see from the pictures below, I took a picture of every lipstick and what it looked like on my lips.  Each color had it's own personality and it actually surprised me which ones I liked most and least.  I had read reviews from people saying they thought the lipsticks were drying, but I did not find them drying.  My lips were not chapped during testing, but I would suggest using a moisturizer before application if your lips are dry.  I did notice some of them went on smoother than others, but that could be due to different formulas when creating the colors.  They are all long lasting, but the "Airborne Unicorn", "Centrifuchsia" and "Retrofuturist" are a prolonged wear formula, meaning it is made from a combination of lipstick and lipstain, meaning the color will linger long after the lipstick has dissipated.  I personally like this, but everyone has their own preference.

I think the packaging on all of the products is super cute and you can tell a lot of thought has gone into each piece, from the hexagon lip gloss boxes to the matching unicorn on the lipstick well.  I have heard a lot of people say they think the packaging looks cheap and immature and maybe to some, yes, but I find it super cute and I have no problem pulling out my sparkly unicorn in the middle of everyone.  I have been using one of them almost everyday for the past two weeks and I did notice it has become a tiny bit wobbly. After further inspecting it I concluded it is the white bottom piece that holds the lipstick in that is a little loose.  But this doesn't bother me, as I usually end up melting my lipsticks down into containers.

I do wish they would create matching lip liners to go with all the colors, as I think it would be a perfect compliment to each of the colors or create a Lime Crime universal lip liner.  I did find that the lipsticks will feather but not as much as the lip glosses.  In the pictures below I did apply each lipstick fairly thick, so that my pictures would turn out good, but like with the glosses, you can apply a thin layer of lipstick to create a more subdued look if desired.  I did not find these lipsticks as opaque as I would have imagined, since it is stated in the title.  In the pictures below I only had to swipe three to five times to get the appropriate color for photos.  Even with one swipe, you can see color with any of them. 
The Airborne Unicorn took me on a magical ride.
pantone 2577
This color is amazing.  When I first starting browsing through the lipsticks, I thought, "ughh purple...not for me."  Well, well, well, much to my surprise, it was my favorite one out of all of them.  I sometimes mix a little pink with it, to give it a little extra highlight, but it has been put into my makeup purse bag, so I can grab it anytime.  I would have never imagined I'd be here typing that I love a purple lipstick, but I am so happy to have ventured out and I will be ordering one to go in my model make-up kit.
Be the center of attention with Centrifuchsia.
pantone 227
I thought this was going to be my favorite, but it couldn't beat out the unicorn.  It goes on so easily and lasts a long time, but like I said above it will stain your lips, and will be with you all night long.  It is a bright deep pink, without looking neon 80's pink.  This color is the one I'm wearing in the video above.
Be sassy and classy with a touch of Retrofuturist.
pantone 200
I have never been able to pull off wearing red lipstick without feeling self conscious.  So I usually shy away from reds, but since I do a variety of model makeup, I know this red will be put to good use.  I did love this shade of red on my lips, so maybe I'll just have to find an excuse to wear it out one night.  It is a true classy red that has blue undertones and applies a tad darker than what it looks like in the lip stick well.  I was actually really pleased at how pretty it looked on my lips and how pigmented the tone of red was.  This is another color that has the lasting power of all night.
Do it better with Coquette.
pantone 487
When I first saw this color, it reminded me of one of my old school favorites from MAC that has now been discontinued, "Myself", but this one has a bit more of a peachy tone.  Coquette is considered the "nude" lipstick of the line and it definitely didn't disappoint.  It could be used as an everyday lipstick or mixed with other colors to create a new shade.  The color actually reminded me of the peach colored silly putty that comes in the little egg.  (...random, I know.)
Cosmopop did not pop off my socks...
pantone 1635
I keep getting this one and "Coquette" confused when I was first playing around.  But after doing swatches it was very clear to distinguish the two apart, as this one is the one with the light orange tint.  I think this shade would make a good compliment to the right makeup look.  The color vaguely reminds me of the old school orange sherbet push up pops and I do prefer this orange shade over the bright orange (My Beautiful Rocket) least for myself.
Chinchilla is not the killa.
pantone 5145
After trying the Airborne Unicorn, I had high hopes for the darker shade of purple, but it didn't live up to the unicorn.  Chinchilla is a grey-purple color, but it seemed to be more purple on my lips than grey.  It definitely is a unique color and a perfect shade to use as a layering color, but personally for me, putting this color on didn't give me the oh la la effect. 
My Beautiful Rocket didn't take me to the moon.
pantone 172
This was my least favorite color on my lips and for some reason this color was the hardest to apply and stay even on my lips.  The formula seemed more waxy than creamy.  I think you can almost tell from the picture too, it seems a bit shiner than the others.  I will say though if you are looking for a bright orange lipstick, with no red undertones, this is it.  I've had unique requests for model makeup, so I always appreciate non-standard colors.

The lipsticks are priced at $15.99 each. For more information on other colors, visit Lime Crime.

Click here to view a pantone color chart.

Click here to read "Part I - Eyes" or "Part II - Lip Gloss".

Lime Crime Review - Part II - Lip Gloss

I have mixed opinions on the Carousel Glitter Lip Glosses.  The gold, Golden Ticket came in second over the red and I personally don't think it looked good on my lips.  It didn't spread evenly and it pooled around the edges.  The lip shot for this image was the hardest one to get.  If you wear them over lipstick the uneven spread isn't as noticeable, so maybe that's the trick, but I didn't want to dilute the color for the picture by wearing color underneath.
The red, Cherry on Top was better and I like the fact that I can apply a small bit and it blends into my lips, without making them gooey and/or sticky, but still getting strong color on my lips.  I tried this with the Golden Ticket as well, and it worked, but not as well as the Cherry on Top. Of course, you can reapply the gloss several times to get the super gloss of normal glosses, but I really like that a tiny bit can go such a long way with this color.  Even after several applications, the gloss is not sticky, it's more of a slippery gloss, rather than sticky.  Both glosses are definitely glittery, but I actually didn't notice the glitter as much in the red as the gold.  There definitely was not any grittiness from grains of glitter in either gloss nor did the glosses leave left over crusties on my lip after the gloss had worn off.  I will note, the red did stain my lips, but I actually like the pigment, as it gives my lips color for much, much longer.

These glosses are available in 3 other colors as well blue, Loop-de-Loop, purple, Kaleidoscope and dark red, Candy Apple.  They are 100% vegan and animal cruelty-free and are $16.99 each.

Click here to read "Part I - Eyes" or "Part III - Lipstick"

Lime Crime Review - Part I - Eyes

First and foremost, thank you very much to Lime Crime for sending me such a wonderful goodie box.  I was so excited to get my purple box and when I opened it up I got even more excited when I saw all the contents of the box, as you can see in the video above.  I also photographed each item, wrote my conclusion for each product below and in two more posts linked at the bottom.

I would also like to note, apparently Lime Crime has had a lot of controversy in the past concerning their products and customer service.   If you have negative feelings towards them, please take your negative energy and focus it elsewhere.  I base my opinion on my personal experience with a company and my personal use with their products.  I will say, the Lime Crime representative that I have been in contact with was more than great to work with and was in constant communication with me.  Which to me, communication especially speedy communication is so very important and I always appreciate people who feel the same way.

I had actually never tried any Lime Crime cosmetics before and honestly I was a little scared of all the bright colors, as I tend to usually stick to more neutral colors.  But after playing around and testing them out, I'm not scared anymore and I want to order more colors.  Thank you again to Lime Crime for giving me this opportunity....I had so much fun.
This little sticker was the first thing I saw when I removed the tissue paper.  I'm a sucker for stickers so now I have to find a cool place to stick this rad little unicorn.  It is holographic, so depending on where the light hits it, it changes colors.  
A sample size jar of the Eyeshadow Helper.  It blends in very nice and helps hold your shadow on.  I haven't had the chance to try it on a model yet, but that will be the true test.  Personally, I rarely use eyeshadow primer.

Lime Crime's latest palette, China Doll.  I thought the yellow was going to be my favorite, but the blue (Parasol) and the green (Jade-o-lade) ended up being my favorites.  As you can see from these make-up tutorials: (Tutorial 01) (Tutorial 02) I used the palette in various ways....especially the red (Fly Dragon Fly).  The shadows are pressed powder but have a slight cream like feel when you apply them.  They blend fairly easily.  To have such va va voom in color I wouldn't expect them to be the easiest to blend, but they were much easier than I had anticipated.  Also to be so pigmented, the shadows came off very easily with make-up remover and did not stain my skin.  I thought for sure the red would stain, but much to my surprise, it did not at all.

After taking pictures, the color palette slightly reminds me of the Olympic ring colors....of course a bit brighter and much more sparkly!  The other great thing about this palette is it contains the three primary colors, red, blue and yellow....meaning you can make the rainbow.  All in all, after using the shadows I would buy future palettes from Lime Crime.  I actually love the colors in the new palette coming out May 1st, the "Palette D'Antoinette".  I know after testing the shadows out for myself, that the colors don't disappoint and are just as bright and bold when applied to skin.

As far as pricing, I do believe their prices compete with luxury brands.  To have branded packaging, highly pigmented colors and quality products, I think they are in an acceptable price range.  I think they also offer a 40% off Pro Discount. Lime Crime also offers random promotional codes on Facebook & Twitter! For instance like 15% off everything RIGHT NOW 04/20/12 till 2:30 PM PST with code "UnicornsRule15".

This palette is available for $34.99.

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New #bblogger button

Just wanted to do a quick post, to tell all my fellow beauty bloggers about the new #bblogger button that I made.  If you don't know what #bblogger Sunday is, definitely go check it out at

Make sure to grab the button as well to put on your blog.

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Punch Bracelets

Photo © Punch Bracelets

I came across another beauty blogger, Karen, who did a video featuring Punch Bracelets. At first, I was like what in the heck are Punch Bracelets and then...when I saw them, it instantly brought back memories of making bracelets at girl scout camp. But the new and improved 2012 Punch bracelets have a gold or silver chain attaching the two ends. Pretty nifty!! :D

You can purchase your own Punch Bracelet from their Etsy Store. My favorite is the "Cotton Candy Neon Bracelet".   They are also having a sale this weekend for Easter, just enter the word "EASTERSALE" and you get 20% off your purchase. Also follow them on twitter. @punchbracelets

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Too Faced #BBOM

I just wanted to write a post and thank Too Faced Cosmetics for choosing me for Beauty Blogger of the Month, Level 2, this month for April.  I feel so honored.  Here is the review that got me nominated: Too Faced Cosmetics - Tinted Beauty Balm.  So naturally, next month's giveaway will feature Too Faced Cosmetics!! So excited!

Also congratulations to Jacqueline Frahm, A Brilliant Brunette and Casey Yee, Beauty 101 for also winning #BBOM.  ♥♥♥

Clinique Almost Lipstick Review first not so good review.

This is a picture of the display that I took.

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April #bbloggerLove

Each day this month I will post a featured Beauty or Fashion Blogger.  Thank you to everyone who has helped me create this post.  With such a large response to the original post, I have created left the original post up so I can collect interest inquiries to do this again for a future month. If you would like to be featured, please fill free to go ahead and fill out the submission form. Ultimately my goal would be to create a monthly post, every month featuring other bloggers.  As with previous monthly posts, if you retweet the daily #bbloggerLove tweet, it will count as [ +2 entries ] in the April giveaway. Only one #bbloggerLove retweet per day, per person.

*NOTE: If you are a follower of one or more of the featured #bbloggers, you automatically have an entry in the giveaway. Just make sure to verify it in the rafflecopter giveaway app.

Added: 05/1/2012 - I would like to do another monthly #bblogger feature.  If you would be interested please fill out the this form.

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