Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Meet Aly from Wonderland Beauty
Guest Blogger

Aly : Wonderland Beauty

I'm aly & I love makeup

I also have a huge obsession with panda bears, George Lopez, animals, writing, singing, indie music, & going to concerts. I love making up new words, using expressions no one understands, making impersonations of people, & doing things no one else would do. I live in a boring town in Ohio, I long to break free.... :D

I love blogging, and since I began this blog - it has become a huge part of my life. I love the people I meet and the bloggers I can now call friends. Here on my blog you will find makeup looks, product reviews, nail art, my hair dying experiences, and anything beauty related. You will also find posts related to music and my lifestyle like cooking, places I go, etc. This blog is a place for me to post whatever comes into my head at the moment!

I'm not the most confident person, and sometimes I struggle deeply with anxiety and being self-consious. I rely on my friends, family, and blog to help me keep coming. My blog is a way for me to feel just a little more special, and to talk about anything I want to, and know people are listening. My blog may not be the biggest or the best, but it's mine and I put alot of me into it.

If you would like to get to know me a little better, I also run a poetry/writing blog as well as a tumblr devoted to all things random. And I am one fifth of the #bbloggers blog! You an also like my facebook page and follow me on twitter! Don't forget to leave me a comment while you're here, they really make my day. And if you like what you see of my blog, please subscribe! I love getting to know my subscribers, and each one of you are like friends to me. :)


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